"I called Marie (a friend of mine who is a hair stylist) to ask her if she could sort out my hair, because at this time everything fell down and I had like a one big dreadlock on the back of my head, as everything was stucked together."

"After I went there and she looked at me, she said 'Marine you have nothing that hold your hair anymore, you have to shave it.'

"In a week time I was completely bald."

This project is a small window on the experience of  Marine Bavant who in the recent June 2015 completely lost her hair due to an autoimmune disease called Alopecia.

My God Marine!

"When you think that and after “oh I just lost my hair but I’m still here”, that when you start to realise that there are more things important."

"I really did change in these 8 months, because I had to, first of all and also it made me like “nothing has really importance anymore” apart from life, friends, Simon.
That was like a therapy."

"Your hair are part of you and so when you lose that, at the beginning, is like you lose a part of yourself.
But then you have to realise that YOU ARE SOMEONE, hair is nothing, it's about who you are inside."
Marine Bavant, 2016