This project is a small window on the experience of Marine Bavant who in the recent June 2015 completely lost her hair due to an autoimmune disease called Alopecia.

This condition can causes either the partial or total loss of hair, both on the scalp and the body of people from all ages and genders.

The modern medicine still cannot explain what is the exact cause of Alopecia.

There is currently no cure it, but sometimes hair can regrow, even after many years.

There is a huge amount of shame associated with Alopecia, especially for women.
When a woman loses not only their hair but also their eyebrows and eyelashes they immediately begin to feel like less of a woman.

Parts of the body that our society places so much pressure on, that apparently epitomize the very concept of femininity, are lost and there is little help offered to sufferers in the way of psychological therapies for a disease that can cause significant damage to self-esteem.

Alopecia is not only a condition that affects the body but also the mind. It alters the way that a person perceives him or herself.

Imagine looking in the mirror one day and not recognizing the person that is staring back at you.

Some people grasp the change quickly, embracing their new look, whilst for others it can have a devastating effect.